Improve your Android home screen with these widgets

Save a tap or two and a lot of time with these handy widgets for your Android smartphone

Widgets – the boast of the Android user that has been rubbed in the face of iOS users since it was introduced.

There’s no denying the usefulness of the widget; they drastically reduce the number of taps to access functions deep within apps all while making your home page gorgeous and personalised.

Whether you’re a widget-wizard, or even if your home screen still looks like an iOS one (littered with apps and apps), you’ve come to the right place. This is a page of suggestions for inspiration (or a checklist) of essential widgets that beautify your phone and make it even more functional and convenient. 


We begin with the basics – a clock to replace the teensy little time-teller on the top right of your display. You don’t want to have to squint all the time to check the time.

You also want to have quick access to the various clock/watch options at a tap, which is what most widgets offer. Check out the default ones on your Android device, or have a look at some of these we’ve sieved out.

Digital Clock Xperia – Something clean and simple, without too much clutter. It tells you what you need to know: the time, date and day, and the weather if you need it. Tap on it to get quick access to alarms, watches and other features.

DashClock Widget – Perfect if you’re looking for a clock that offers a bit more. This one tells you the weather, text messages and calls, all while being pretty customisable and presentable.

DigiClock Widget or UCCW – you’re not looking for minimal designs, but something that screams YOU. Lots of colour, creativity and general loudness happening here. 

Notes and reminders

Often, we don’t even remember we put reminders in the reminders app. We need it stuck in our faces somewhere to catch us before we forget. Widgets like these are lifesavers and can save an awkward situation (or heartbreak).

Google Keep – we like this for its versatility. Pin up notes in any form – checklists, sketches, reminders, full text – it’s up to you. For a widget, its UI is great too, as you can simply scroll down through your notes rather than have to pin them up individually or toggle through.Being Google, it’s also synced across all your devices and clean and easy to use. The quick “add note” feature on the widget itself also means you can quickly jot things down without having to search for the app and open it up.