How to track #GE2015 on your smartphone

Get caught up in election fever with our handy guide to Singapore's big day on 11 September

You’re drowning in a sea of General Elections (GE) 2015 news. Don’t worry, we’re here to give you a hand.

With only a few more days to Polling Day on 11 September (yay to the long weekend!), election fever is at an all-time high. You might have gone to some of the biggest rallies. Or perhaps, you heard a quote, triggered by a sparring of words between political parties.

But what of the other epic (or cringeworthy) moments you’ve missed because there’s just too many GE 2015 news flooding your daily news feed? We’ve scoured through the internet to list the easiest ways for you to be in the know and drop a few politics trivia.

Catch up on what’s happening in GE 2015 on your smartphone while you’re commuting. Plus, if the train breaks down (touch wood), this guide will come in handy to get up to speed with GE 2015.

Words by Melvin Tang and Tein Hee Seow

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[Top image: screenshots of PAP4SG app]

You know it’s a sure sign that politics is going digital when political parties come up with their own apps.


As the name suggests, this is the app to stay up to date with everything the People’s Action Party is doing. It’s not just for the elections, although at this point of time, everything is understandably centred around GE 2015. Besides news updates, you’ll also be able to read the party's Manifesto, see who the candidates are for your constituency, and follow their Twitter stream.

Heck, you can even take a photo of yourself and plaster it with PAP stickers!

Download PAP4SG for iOS

Download PAP4SG for Android

WP News

The Worker’s Party app is a central spot to grab the latest news, ranging from what's being said at the rallies to candidates’ info. Neatly categorised into Featured, In The News and On The Ground, each section serves to inform voters with all the required info. News is well-represented by reports from various media outlets, including The Middle Ground, Yahoo! Singapore and many more. It’s simple and mainly functional for GE 2015.

Download WP News for Android

Follow GE 2015 via Social Media | Websites | Live streams