How to join Today at Apple programmes

What to expect at the new (and free) Today at Apple sessions in Apple Orchard Road

Introducing Today at Apple, where you (or your parents, or your kids) can learn inspiring and educational sessions every day at Apple Stores, absolutely free.

First done at Apple's Union Square location since its opening, now the rest of us can finally see what the fuss is all about.

It’s kind of like this video here:


As one of the 495 Apple Stores around the world, Apple Orchard Road is also home to a bunch of great programmes and lessons to learn, turning the store into a cool place to discover something new or to take your skills to a whole new level. No matter how old you are.

Seriously, its great for your folks want to make the best out of their old MacBook or new iPhone, or to encourage your kids to pick up a cool creative hobby.   


Walking through the hallowed doors

So you’ve reserved your spot and the calendar is already giving you a heads up for tonight’s class. What’s next?

Just head into the Apple Store and speak to an Apple employee at the door - he or she should point you to head upstairs. About fifteen minutes before class starts, the instructor should arrive to signal for class.

Tip: Most classes happen at the tables with the TVs right in front. But check with Apple employees roaming the floor just to be safe. 


Ask and you shall receive

I sat in for a for the basics of MacBook session with Nelson, who eagerly taught and helped our little class (attended by “students” from young couples to older folks) with everything we need to know about the MacBook - from trackpad gestures to tips with split view.

He also entertained all questions from the floor, no matter how trivial (like dragging icons) so don’t be shy! Says a lot about the awesome attitude of the Apple employees.

It was a plenty rewarding experience and I’m eager to sign up for the sketch walks and photo walks (before they get snapped up in a blink of an eye). If you're wondering if you should go, the answer is Yes. Plus its free, so why not anyway?

Tip: If it’s your first time at Apple Store Orchard Road, there’s free Wi-Fi and plug points at the tables to charge your Apple devices.