How to get the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Singapore

Pre-order, telco price plans, freebies. You want them, we’ve got them

On 10 April, you’ll see some happy campers walking around with that shiny, metal Samsung Galaxy S6. Or perhaps running their fingers down the edgier Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Don’t kick yourself for not pre-orderingthe fancy Android smartphone. Because there’s still time to get on board with the program. And there are three ways for you to go about it.

You’ll just have to cross your fingers that there’s enough supply to meet the demand.


Word of advice: skip the lowest tier plan. No one can survive on 300MB of data in a month. Not even the most frugal data user. Why would you buy the S6 or S6 Edge, and not enjoy the 4G connectivity to its full extent? That means you’ll be going nuts with Instagram uploading, Facebook stalking and WhatsApp calling.

Our advice - get the 4G 4 option. Signing up for this two-year plan gives you the option to purchase the S6 from S$349 or S6 Edge from S$499. Both of which are nearly S$300 cheaper than the 4G 3 option, which costs S$20 less per month. Treat it as a S$300 upfront fee to get 4GB of 3GB data for free for at least 14 months.

See all the price plans from StarHub at


Again. Don’t even think about getting the entry-level price plan. It’s just not worth it. Instead, you’ll have to choose between Singtel’s Combo 3 and StarHub’s 4G 4 plan. You’ll notice that the S6 costs S$298 if you get it from Singtel, S$50 cheaper than what StarHub is tagging the unit for at S$349.

But here’s the trade-off - you get 1GB less of data per month. Now, for the same monthly subscription, it seems quite unfair that you’re forking out more to StarHub. But what if, you’re not as data and talktime hungry as your other friends? This would probably work out better since you’re paying S$50 less.

Our recommendation with Singtel - go for the Combo 3. But if you’re desperate for the extra 1GB of data, stick to StarHub.

See all the price plans from Singtel at


The final of the three telcos in Singapore? It's still registering for interest. Not a single peep out of the orange camp about the price plans when we published this story. But check back soon, we have a feeling it’ll be throwing up a few surprises in a while.

Update 09/04/15: M1's price plans for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are ready for our scrutiny. And it is seemingly one of the best. Assuming that you're a mid-range user and willing to pay about S$60 per month, M1's plan gives you 4GB of data (higher than Singtel's offer). Plus, the subsidy on the S6 is much better, pegging the Android smartphone at S$298 if you sign up with M1.

See all the price plans from M1 at

Samsung Experience Stores

Still bound by a two-year contract with your telco? Sadly, that means you’ll have to fork out the full price for the S6 or S6 Edge, which starts from S$998 or S$1168 respectively.

But on the bright side, if you pre-order now, you’ll get to enjoy a whole lot of freebies. This includes the Samsung Wireless Charging Pad and a Clear Cover, both of which form a S$146 bundle.

So where do you go to place that S$50 deposit to guarantee an S6 or S6 Edge on the launch day? We have all the pre-order details arranged neatly here, just for you. 

Almost brand new option

This option is truly the last resort if you can’t see yourself forking out nearly S$1000 for a brand new handset. You’ll be buying it from resellers. Specifically, those who bought the phone through the telcos and put it on the market again for a quick buck.

Do a quick search on the HardwareZone forums or even apps like Carousell, and you might find these new devices on sale.

Typically, you might save S$50 to S$100, depending on your negotiation skills with the seller.

Got it? Now it’s time to check if the salary’s in or break the piggy bank to buy a Samsung smartphone that no longer looks like a plastic slab.

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