How to get the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in Singapore

Updated 15 Sep: you can now register your interest with Singtel

The day has come. The decision has been made. It’s time to buy the iPhone 6s. Or perhaps the larger iPhone 6s Plus is what you want.

Whichever it is, 12 September is the day when Apple begins pre-orders for their latest smartphone, which will be available on 25 September. Traditionally speaking, stocks will be limited and if you’re not fast, you won’t be able to get your hands on one till the second or third batch of iPhones are in.

So get your mouse ready and stretch your fingers, for you’ll need to start preparing for the arrival of the iPhones through these retail avenues.


Apple Premium Resellers

While we don’t have physical Apple Stores here, Apple Premium Resellers such as Nubox, Epicentre and many more will have stocks for the new iPhones. Again, just like Apple’s online store, there’s limited quantities. Select stores will create queue lines for would-be buyers to camp from as early as 6am. No overnight queueing? That’s because some shopping malls don’t allow customers within the premise in the wee hours. Though if you’re at some locations where the APRs are situated right outside the mall, you might see some eager beavers camping out in the open.

Online forums

We aren’t too fond of this option, but if you’re really in desperate need of the iPhone on day one to get that instant gratification, this is it. Those who’ve managed to buy the iPhone from any of the abovementioned methods, will be making a quick buck here, reselling them at a marked-up price. But if you’re a willing buyer and ready to fork out nearly 50% more for a new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, then online forums such as HardwareZone will be a good place to look for.

Specifically, search within the Mobile Phone Bazaar section and search for “WTS iPhone 6s” or “WTS iPhone 6s Plus”. Remember, this is really, really the last resort. We cannot imagine how much more you’ll be paying if you can’t wait a few more weeks for new stock to arrive.