How to block the incessant Pokémon Go posts

These Chrome extensions will make it all go away

These days, you can’t go five minutes on the Internet without some form of Pokémon Go-related content popping out on your screen.

We knew it was bound to happen ever since the augmented reality game was first announced -- that millions would pledge allegiance to the Pokédex, and the corresponding social media postings would follow, and follow and follow. And now, a mere week since its launch, the Poké-geddon is upon us (and our newsfeeds).

If you’re too busy “adulting” to care about Pokémon, or living in a country where the game hasn’t yet launched, or simply a jaded soul with no desire to see your feed polluted with Digletts and Rattatas, these browser plugins ought to do the trick.

Before you start avoiding the Internet completely as a result, try the Pokémon Go Away Chrome extension that, once enabled, uses an advanced detection system to automatically remove all posts related to pocket monsters from Twitter, Facebook and 9gag - currently the worst offenders in the social sphere.

Installing the plugin has effectively blocked about 85% of Pokémon content from our social sites, a fairly impressive number considering how easy to use and unobtrusive it is.

Alternatively, if you want more extensive coverage, the Pokemon No! extension is built to work on any web page, including search engines and news sites. The difference with this plugin is that you’ll need to click the extension button each time you want to block content, which allows more control over what you choose to hide, and when. It worked so well that it blocked this story when we had it enabled.

Another cool feature is that the plugin tells you how many Pokémon references have been blocked after each click, which is oddly satisfying and assures you that you’re not just imagining the Poké-post onslaught.