How to be a great iPhoneographer

Photographer Yafiq Yusman shares his journey

As the adage goes, the best camera is the one with you. Which makes that handy smartphone all the more likely to be your top shooter these days.

But how to get the most out of it? Here Yafiq Yusman, photographer and chief marketing officer of creative platform Plexxie, shares his iPhonegraphy tips. 

Keep it simple

Yafiq's body of work can be seen on his Instagram account and it's a great example of just how far mobile photography can go.

The Singaporean started with an iPhone 4 and confesses to hanging onto it for a long time. "I just didn't feel the need [to change my phone]," he says. While he eventually did switch to an iPhone 6 and has upgraded his device a couple of times since, a new phone isn't something he considers essential to photography.

His top piece of advice for budding iPhoneographers: just go out and take as many photos as possible. It might seem simplistic, but that's how Yafiq summarises his photography journey.

He specialises in outdoor shots and makes extensive use of framing techniques. Buildings and landscapes are his primary forte, though he does use the occasional model - his favourite being his twin brother ("he's better-looking").

As far as editing apps go, Yafiq mostly relies on three: Snapseed for basic edits; VSCO for when his pictures need that extra 'pop'; and that photographic mainstay, Lightroom.

Got a body of work already? Yafiq says Plexxie, a site for creatives to showcase their work as well as get hired, is a good place to start making something of it.