Here’s what the Samsung Galaxy Studio has to offer

Samsung fans will not want to miss this

Curious about the shiny new Samsung Galaxy S8? Here’s your chance to try it out.

The Galaxy Studio is back at Ngee Ann City from now till 29 June and it’s filled with activities centering around Samsung’s new line-up of devices — from the Gear VR with Controller, to the cute new Gear 360, and of course, the flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+.

Aside from being able to test and buy these new devices on the spot, you’ll also get to experience the Samsung product and service ecosystem in innovative and fun ways. Here’s a teaser of what to expect.

4D VR Experience

Looking an awful lot like a massage bed, this simulator is actually a skeleton athlete ride to showcase the Gear VR. You’re basically taking a 3 minute ski ride down skeleton track in Whistler from a first person’s point of view.

Skiing too relaxing for you? How about something a little more extreme. Behold the Whiplash Pulsar 4D chair — even its name is making our stomachs a little queasy. Choose from being a fighter pilot doing extreme aircraft stunts, or going on a full out space battle with the VR Controller. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, we suggest doing both — just probably not right after lunch.

Interactive displays

The IP68 Canvas Drawing booth lets you take a selfie with the Galaxy S8, and transforms it into an canvas portrait drawing in ink, oil or water, while experiencing the phone’s IP68 capability. Love the picture? Bring home a printout via Samsung’s Mobile Photo Printer.

Here’s another one of Bixby in action. Take a photo of a building with your Galaxy S8 phone, and Bixby will recognise the location and provide recommendations on places to dine at nearby. You can also shoot a random object and Bixby will bring up pricing information and where to buy it from.

360-degrees of fun

Always wondered what it’d be like to stand inside a giant snowglobe? Wonder no more. The 360-degree Globe is the perfect place to test the video capabilities of the new Gear 360. Inside this glass cylinder simulation, you’ll get to control the colour and intensity of a whirlwind of “snowflakes”. Strike a pose, film it on the Gear 360, upload it to Instagram, and you’ll stand to win this pocket-sized camera.