Here’s all the fun you missed out on at our Smartphone Photography Awards masterclass

We've got the video and photos to show you all the fun you've skipped out on

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past two weeks, you would have known that our second Smartphone Photography Awards is underway.

While it's all good and easy for you to submit every single photo you take with your smartphone for the contest, we do have a stringent selection process. After all, we want to showcase your best shots to capture the attention of fellow smartphone photographers.

Thus, we decided to give some lucky readers a better chance at winning. Not in an unfair way, mind, but legit ways like sharing some useful photography tips, with some help from our judges Julian Cheong and Jeff Chouw.

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Video by Elissa Loi

The dynamic duo Julian Cheong and Jeff Chouw really went all out and shared so many photography tips with the attendees, Chouw jokingly said he's going to put himself out of business.

Seriously, how often do you get free one-on-one coaching session about portrait photography? Cheong was equally eager to continue sharing more tips with our readers.

Oh, did we forget to mention that the new Oppo R9 was there for the masterclass attendees to fiddle with? Also, an unexpected guest in the form of the Oppo R9 Plus, which isn't even available yet and everyone who attended the masterclass had a sneak preview of the new phablet.

Ooo, photo-ception! Definitely a new photography perspective that could give everyone a run for their money in the competition.

We worked our judges really hard. By the time they were done with selecting the winners of the photo challenge, they went through more than 200 photos. All in the name of winning our prizes for the night, which includes a one-year Netflix subscription and GP Battery powerbank.

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