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You're in for a treat, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice
It’s holiday season once again, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than the g

Apple vs Google

Apple vs Google
Apple vs Google

This month, we answer two of the biggest questions in all of tech. 1) Which is better, iOS or Android? Our cover story explores every aspect of each major operating system to see which comes up tops. 2) What’s the best smartphone in the world? The comprehensive Supertest of flagship phones we’ve got has that covered, and the winner isn’t who you’d expect. Yes, you can call it a comeback. 

Season to be jolly

Season to be jolly

Don’t know what to give your relatives so that they’d know what to give you? Packed with the geekiest gifts you can buy (or hint to others to buy for you), our Christmas Gift Guide can help. Since we’re as helpful as elves, we’ve grouped it by the different types of people you can buy these items for too.

Feeling testy

Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Canon G7 X
X-mini Clear

What’s an issue of Stuff without reviews of the hottest new products? This month we pored over the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 4G+, X-mini Clear, Canon PowerShot G7X, and many more, so find out what you should be spending your year-end bonus on.

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Reader's Choice Awards

2014 has been a great year. So good, we’ve had hours, nay, days of debate, agonising over the selection for our upcoming Stuff Gadget of the Year Awards. And while we'll be having our say on what the top products of the past 12 months were, we want you, our loyal readers, to make your opinions known too – it’s time for our Stuff Readers’ Choice Awards 2014. After all, you're the ones who ultimately go out and buy these products – we're just here to make it easier.