Hadouken! 10 of the best fighting games we've ever played growing up

The most convenient way to beat people to a pulp - without the lawsuits

Combat - what passed for human entertainment before television.

Everybody loves a good and preferably bloody bust up, so it should come as no surprise that one of the best and most prevalent uses of modern technology is to create digital analogues of physical combat - letting the average untrained person use avatars to duel to the death, without the risk of actually dying themselves.

Fighting games have often generated as much excitement as they have controversy, with the graphic depictions of violence, and sexiness, often tickling the ire glands of concerned parents. The fortunes of the genre have waxed and waned, as the genre once inseparable from the arcade experience moves almost completely onto consoles.

As a tribute to Street Fighter V and the fighting game genre as a whole, here are ten of the best fighting games that have ever come to pass. 

Image: SpencerBerry