9 women that are changing the tech landscape in Asia

Because they have strived to make a mark in a male dominated industry

There’s no denying that men have predominantly overshadowed the IT industry for years. But the trend of females making a dent in the space has been steadily growing. However, there’s been little hype over the work of some of these women, especially those from Asia.

We shine a spotlight on a handful of these capable ladies, because they deserve some credit for their work.

Gillian Tan

Job Title: Founder of clicknetwork.tv and Munkysuperstar Pictures

Why she’s powerful: With just a mini video-camera and an old Macbook, she worked out of a room in her mother’s office. What started off as just that eventually grew to become Munkysuperstar Pictures, one of Singapore’s most creative and successful production companies.

Regardless of the fact that things weren’t smooth sailing for the Munkysuperstar Pictures business, Tan persevered through and this led to the birth of clicknetwork.tv, an online video network. 

[Image: TechInAsia

Lim Qing Ru

Job Title: Co-founder of Zopim

Why she’s powerful: She’s only 30, and she’s already a multi-millionaire. How you ask? Along with four other entrepreneurs, she co-founded a local live chat text support company named Zopim, which got acquired by customer support firm, Zendesk, in December 2013 for about S$37 million.

Ru’s story is one of rags to riches – she comes from a lower-middle-class family, with only her father supporting the family financially. Even then, she worked hard for this start-up and took home a low pay even after putting in crazy hours and having practically no social life. Her efforts paid off, and now she’s looking to re-invest in projects that are beneficial to society.

[Image: LinkedIn]

Elicia Lee

Job Title: Organiser of GameStart 2014 and co-founder of Zombits

Why she’s powerful: Lee’s poured (and is still pouring) more than just her heart and soul into the games industry in Asia. Besides serving as a co-founder for Zombits, a digital media agency, Lee’s most recently used up her life savings (and borrowed some cash from family and close friends) to bring to life GameStart 2014.

GameStart 2014 was the first new video-game convention in Singapore since Games Convention Asia and TGX stopped their operations in this region a few years ago. As such, Lee hopes that her experience and contacts from working in the PR and marketing department of EA Games in Singapore would help bolster GameStart’s growth in future.

[Image: TechInAsia]