Get your cameras ready, here are 8 of the best NDP 2015 fireworks spots

Who says only the attendees of NDP 2015 get to have all the fun?

National Day. One word describes it adequately: fireworks. If you’re not one to sit through the entire parade but can’t get enough of the fireworks, we marked out the best spots to capture the whole shebang. You can thank us later.

Just a point to note – this year’s the last that the NDP’s going to be held at the Marina Bay Floating Platform, so it could well be the last instance for you to shoot the fireworks around Marina Bay.

Here’s Stuff’s guide to the top eight locations to nail the most scenic and spectacular pyrotechnics. And if you’re darn proud of the snaps you took that day and want to share them, tag us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Don't forget to hashtag #ndp2014 so your awesome shots will be remembered for eternity.

[Image: Timeout Singapore

The Helix bridge

Helix what? We're sure you've seen this before, it's the connector between Marina Bay and Marina Centre. Huh? Okay, to be specific, it's how you get to Marina Bay Sands from Marina Square. If you’re intending on getting your snaps from here, get there early and camp out on the bridge – you'll join the horde of people waiting for the fireworks and cause a bridge jam, it's worth it. Be prepared for a long wait, as the fireworks start around 8pm.

[Image: Ragstatic Flickr]

Stuff's Guide to Photography

Can't seem to get the right settings for that perfect fireworks shot? It's time to attend Photography 101, courtesy of Stuff.

To start you off, here are some basic tips:

- Get a spot early and set up your tripod. Trust us, steady hands still can't win against an immovable tripod.

- It's all about the timer. Not timing, timer. Set the camera to fire off after 10 seconds.

- Alternatively, use a remote control. If your camera has Wi-Fi capabilities, chances are it has an accompanying smartphone app to let you remote control the camera.

- Go nuts with burst mode, capture as many shots as possible. You won't want to miss the perfect moment.

- Invest in good telescopic zoom lens to get as close a shot as possible.

- A wide lens helps too when you want to capture as much as possible across the landscape.