Get the best deals online with these apps and websites

Are you aware of these chances to save as you spend?

Shopping has never been easier thanks to the Internet.

With online shopping, you save time, effort and most importantly, money. In a slow economy, a little prudence goes a long way. So enjoy our pick of apps and websites that can earn you discounts as you spend some money.

Image: HipVan

Google Shopper

We all know about Google Search, Google Images, Google Maps and even Google News. What most of us don’t know about is that there is something called Google Shopper.

Simply go to this site and check out whatever item it is you wish to purchase. It could be the latest wearable like the Fitbit Alta, or even new Yeezys.

Upon clicking on the object of your desire, you will be directed to a page where you can compare all the prices of a certain product to get the deal you want. You can even filter it based on the merchant or price range. No more having to open multiple tabs to search manually yourself. 

When to use Google Shopper

• When your main concern is price

• You are looking for items internationally, not restricted to your region

• You don’t mind extra shipping fees or longer shipping times


Imagine if you could combine all online shopping platforms into one. That's pretty much what iPrice is all about.

Trying to find your next buy has never been easier. iPrice pretty much shortens the browsing and filtering time for whatever product you want to buy and buyers are guaranteed the exact product they choose since they can indicate the colour, size and even memory space (if you are buying a tech product) using a filtering mechanism that goes way beyond mere dollars and cents.

When to use iPrice

• If you place an emphasis on whether a merchant is reputable (since iPrice verifies all its merchants)

• You would prefer merchants in the region with shorter shipping durations and lower shipping fees

• It’s important for you to filter out items and compare them across all online stores specifically, based not only on price, but build, colour and size as well


Everyone knows about Groupon, and yes, we know what you're thinking, it’s still alive. It’s like shopping coupons for the youths of today.

Checking Groupon daily or weekly may not only give you significant discounts off your next meal, but it'll give you ideas on where to head to for your next date night. What’s great about Groupon is that it offers you discounts on not only food, goods, and travel, but activities and services as well so you get to check out potentially great places at a steal. 

When to use Groupon

• Your main concern is food and services 

• If you are going out to dine or shop as a group

• You want to get the best discounts off your local physical stores