Gadgets and tech we took to Sitex 2013

Admittedly, we were showing off a touch with a GoPro camera, Sphero toy, and 3D printer in the Stuff booth at Sitex. But that's what we are good at - bringing you the best gadgets
Gadgets and tech we took to Sitex 2013

Your favourite tech magazine knows that even the most zealous of tech-heads need a break while shopping Sitex.

That's why Stuff set up a little living room in the far corner of Hall 4B - a gadget and gear haven for you to chill on a bean bag, play FIFA, check out Stuff.tv and marvel at the joys of a 3D printer in action. Here's what you missed if you didn't drop by our booth last week.

GoPro action!

Forget outdoor sports, we went indoor shopping - with a GoPro.

Here, we've given you a whistle-stop 79 second tour of SITEX 2013 using our hand-held action cam on a stick, while feeding it through the app to see what we were shooting. Love it.

The star of the show - Makerbot Replicator 2X

This was the star of the show. "The best thing I've seen at Sitex," said some. Along with our friends at TINKR, Stuff was doing what we do best, showing off cool tech before anyone else. 

Thousands entered a lucky draw to win 3D figurines of themselves - unfortunately, Rico, the model pictured, went missing late on Sunday. Fear not, we've sent out the search party.

Pull up a Doob

Pull up a Doob

What better way to dominate FIFA14 than in a living room, among friends, with a Doob Bean Bag - quite possibly the comfiest of all bean bags anywhere. The best thing is the sheer variety of ways to lounge on them.

We took three to Sitex; they were a welcome relief for aching legs after a long day of shopping.

Lounging it at Stuff's booth

Ambience? We got that covered with Philips Hue lighting controlled via smartphone. TV? This 55in Sony Bravia W954A was a massive treat for the eyes. Game of choice? It had to be FIFA 14, for footie fans in Singapore. We even had some lucky winners, who smashed the 30 second challenge (with Lionel Messi, no less) to win a magazine subscription.

Of course, any console gaming in the living room needs a sturdy sound system. We went with the trusty Sonos Playbar. The chants from the FIFA14 stadiums drowned out the hawkers, and at times had us feeling like we were at Old Trafford.

Oh, and thanks Sony - they sent us a mock up Playstation 4 to take along, and we managed to troll quite a few gamers while we were at it. While it wasn't a working-model, the hardcore Playstation crew loved a gander at what's to come on December 19th.

Need a Sphero?

We had some fun with the Sphero - like ragging it around the Intel Extreme Masters floor from afar, teasing people with 'the ball that kept escaping' when they tried to pick it up. The kids loved it too. Especially while their parents went off to snap up tech deals.


It's our launch period - we just had to show the site. And what better way than with this mini projector that gets the job done. Easy to set up and manoeuvre, the Dell M115HD is ideal, for out on the road or at home in your living room.

At Sitex we threw our website onto a wall via the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Battery life on this left us frustrated but we can overlook that, because it looked the part - which is the most important thing, right?! Right?!

Yoga lessons by Lenovo

We twisted this little gem into all sorts of tight situations to show the crowds how flexible this Android tablet is. Whip out its stand, and turn the tablet into a standing display. We also spotted some readers stowing the stand and holding it like a book with its stand-out grip.