Feeling tech-lish with the Singapore International Comedy Festival

Stuff talks tech with three of the show's comedians
Tech talk with The Singapore International Comedy Festival’s comedians

Tech can be a funny thing. So who better to comment on its hilarity than stand-up comedians?

As the Singapore International Comedy Festival is rolling into town, we popped three of the featured funny people some questions about their most hilarious tech-speriences. 

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

How did you get started?

I've always loved comedy and making jokes, but I only started stand-up a few years ago. I'd been a magician before that, so I've always been performing. Now I just go through a lot fewer rabbits.

Greatest tech invention?

The Internet. Why? All the reasons! Cats, food, porn, food porn, keeping in touch with loved ones, stalking future loved ones. It's just a wonderland of joy.

What do you envision the world to be like in 50 years?

I'm pretty excited about 3D printing, even though I think there is work needed on the regular printer at first. Also as a wimpy vegetarian (purely because I love animals), lab-grown meat excites me a lot. I don't know about what the rest the world will be getting up to in 50 years but I'll be sitting in my 3d-printed castle/retirement home eating lab-grown pepperoni pizza.

Crack up at Sarah Jones at The Men's Room at Merry Men Boat Quay at 8.45pm, from 23 - 26 April 

Sanjay Manaktala

Sanjay Manaktala

Greatest tech invention?

The Macbook. The fact that a machine starts up in the morning without taking 15 minutes to stop choking - like every other Windows machine - was the most productive thing ever for me.

What’s the funniest tech-sperience you’ve ever had?

I bought a robotic vacuum and my maid started crying, thinking she'd be replaced.  When I was in the shower I swear I thought she was going to break it. Then she realized it sucked, and not in the way it was supposed to.

Tell us a tech joke

Give a girl a fish, you feed her for a day. Give a girl an Instagram account, she becomes a supermodel and you don't need to feed her at all.

Laugh with Sanjay Manaktala at The Actor’s Bar at Boat Quay at 8.45pm from 23 - 26 April

Jason Chong

Jason Chong

When did you realise you’re pretty funny?

When I was four in a movie cinema. During the movie (it might have been Gremlins), someone knocked on a door.  I yelled “who is it?” The cinema erupted and I was hooked.

Where do you get your comedic inspiration from?

I love laughing with my friends. Then I excuse myself and write down all the funny things that they said and pass them off as my own thoughts.

Favourite app?

I found a great app that helps motivate me.  If I’m ever concerned that I’m working too hard or I’m wondering if I’m on track with my life, I check it out and it encourages me to redouble my efforts.  It’s my banking app.

What irks you the most about technology these days?

A dodgy wireless connection will make me fly into fits of rage. I will spend hours writing my internet service provider angry emails which they will never be able to receive until the wireless fixes itself and it’s no longer a problem. That makes me even angrier.

What kind of place do you envision the world to be in 50 years?

Movies have shown that there are 2 possibilities for the future - a clean, bright utopia or a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  I don't care which one happens as long as I get some sort of laser gun.

Watch Jason Chong do his thing at Barbershop by Timbre at Boat Quay at 7pm from 23 - 26 April