Feeling alone? Here are 5 Singaporean chatbots to speak with

Speak to these chatbots if you're not watching the parade and in need of a little company


Don’t like taking the bus? How about Taxibot for all your Uber/Grab needs? While not as sassy as Bus Uncle, Taxibot speaks a different language that all kiasu Singaporeans can relate – promo codes.

Just simply tap on the Let’s Begin option, and Taxibot will open taxi booking options such as Grab, Uber or Comfort and share their respective promotional codes with you. Beats the hassle of asking around or scouring for promo codes.

Get started on your Taxibot journey here.


What with the impending “time of the year” coming and slowly filling our skies with haze, it’s always safe to check out the weather/PSI before heading out.

The Singapore Weather Bot lets you do just that by providing a quick summary of the weather forecast complete with humidity and general temperature. Great for those who are planning a photoshoot, outing or trip to Gardens by the Bay as it provides a four day forecast as well.

Click here to start using the Weather Bot app.


If you’re completely clueless on filing your income tax or paying your monthly instalments through a credit card, Jamie is a helpful (and chio) bot created by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore that addresses those issues.

From GIRO payments to property tax payments, Jamie has the answer to your question. The bot may require a bit of tweaking on intuitiveness as a simple ‘hello’ led to the bot informing me how to view my GIRO plan.

If you’d like to discuss about filing your taxes, speak to Jamie here.