Fear factor: We tested ghost hunting apps at a famous haunted spot

Communicate with the netherworld or experience the fright of your life with these spirit-seeking apps

If you want to track or communicate with ghosts (or if you’re dared to), how would you possibly do so if you have no knowledge of the afterlife?

In the past, you’d probably visit the local Bomoh to try and get in touch with the spirits. But in today’s world where there’s an app for everything, there’s plenty of ghost hunting apps available for the aspiring Ghostbuster.

We downloaded as many of these apps as we could and put them to the test on Bukit Tunku in Malaysia, a hill many claim is notorious for ghosts who wander its abandoned houses. We compiled the best of the best so you can give them a try - if you dare.

About Bukit Tunku

As featured on number three of our top ten most haunted places in Malaysia, Bukit Tunku is an upper class residential area once littered with British colonial houses, and rife with ghosts. Formerly known as Kenny Hills, some say even passing through the area is not safe, with many stories of spirits haunting the area in the night.

It was definitely eerie when some of the apps we tested detected ghosts and spirit as we drove through the area, though we tried to pay no heed. 

Ghost Radar Classic (S$free)

One of the more popular apps in this list, Ghost Radar Classic analyses the electromagnetic fields, sounds and vibrations in the area (shown by the various numbers across the four corners of the screen). It analyses this collected data and indicates where a ghost is on-screen. Its creepiest feature is a voice interpreter that announces a detected word. We got goosebumps hearing mundane words like ‘changing’ or ‘require’ out of the blue as we drove around. You can also select the app sensitivity from the settings menu.

We tested this app at a scary looking gate we found somewhere atop Bukit Tunku. There seemed to be nothing untoward here, so we moved on. But we did get some readings driving about.

Ghost & Spirits (S$free)

There’s a load of options to choose from in this app. First is Pyschophony, represented by a classic Magnetophone that plays ghost sounds into your phone’s speaker. Next is Paranormal, which uses a graph chart to depict the level of paranormal activity in the area. While the cheap looking Ghost Finder locates where there’s an increased energy level around you, the Radar Map on the other hand is better than others on this list, using an actual map to show where the app detects energy readings. Finally, using the Ghost Camera (creepiest of the lot) you can look around you for actual ghosts.

A couple of niggling problems. The annoying pop-up ad that appears before starting the app, and constant reminder to upgrade to the Pro version when using the Ghost Camera. But as you can see from the picture, the Ghost Camera scans the surrounding quite clearly.