Fay Hokulani: 6 must-have gadgets for marathon runners

Lean and fabulous fitness model Fay Hokulani prepares you for a punishing yet satisfying Singapore marathon with the perfect running gadgets, gear and tech
Fitness blogger Fay Hokulani on Stuff.tv

The Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, happening on 1st December, is almost here. What better way to put in some last minute prep by taking the advice of fitness blogger Fay Hokulani? Here, she lists six gadgets every runner needs to stay on top of their game.

(Lead image via David Yeow Photography)

1. Polar Loop

Polar Loop Fay Hokulani on Stuff magazine

Just how active are you? Stay in the loop with a fitness tracker that will monitor your daily activities - from how active you are at your desk, on the streets and between the sheets. Aside from tracking traditional exercise metrics, sleep patterns and giving you motivational feedback, this ultra-slick smart bracelet also comes with Bluetooth Smart support. Pair it with a Bluetooth heart rate sensor to accurately calculate calories burned based on your heart rate, activity, age and gender.

Price: $123 (approx)

2. Adidas miCoach Smart Run

Fay Hokulani suggest the Adidas miCoach Smart Run

Finally, a fitness tracker that does not require any apps to perform. And, it comes with a built-in heart rate monitor that measures the pulse on your wrist rather than requiring a separate accessory. The built-in accelerometer counts every step so you can monitor your stride rate while GPS tracks your speed, distance and route with greater precision. Pair it with your Bluetooth headset to get real-time coaching or groove to your favorite tunes while you move.

Price: US$399 ($496, released in November)