Discover unknown joints and deals in Singapore through the Sugar app

It’s also a brand new way to save money (with a twist), using your iOS or Android device
Discover unknown joints and deals in Singapore through the Sugar app

Sugar, ah honey honey…Ah, so you’ve heard of this location-based app called Sugar…

What? No, we were just humming the tune by The Archies. Why would anyone call an app Sugar?Because like its namesake, it’ll sweeten your day with a list of cafes, restaurants and lifestyle outlets you never knew existed in Singapore.

Hah! I’ve been to all the hipster cafes, I don’t need itReally? Heard of this small little cafe called November 8 along Upper Thomson Road? And we bet you haven’t heard about a few other hidden joints listed among over 200 outlets in Sugar. By the end of the year, expect 1500 listings.

Actually, I know 8 November exists. So?So, did you know they’re selling its fluffy waffles for a mere S$1, instead of S$8?

You’re kidding….True story. That’s how Sugar operates. It pinpoints your location, and lists these deals at places you never knew existed. The deals are refreshed every day, and on average, you’ll see at least five new listings per week in your area.

Discover unknown joints and deals in Singapore through the Sugar app

Okay, where’s the poop?You’ve been watching too much How I Met Your Mother. There’s no….

Where’s the….Okay, okay, you’ll have to read the fine print for each listing. Game activities that allow you to redeem only one voucher and require at least two people to start the game, i.e. the second person has to pay the full price. At food outlets, it might require you to deem the deal within seven days or also impose a one voucher limit per table.

See! I knew it!Knew that you can get a cup of latte for just 60 cents, when it usually costs S$5? Or keep bringing the price of truffle fries for down to a mere 10% of its usual S$12 price? Yeah, you knew that.

Wait, what? You can LOWER the price?Correct, that’s another “I’m-not-a-Groupon-clone” aspect to this listing app. Instead of getting a specific number of people to unlock a deal, Sugar gets people working together to bring the price even further down.

How low can it go?Each listing has a minimum amount, but the sky’s the limit. Click on the skim button and reduce the price. Skim it even further by sharing it with your friends on Facebook, WeChat or WhatsApp.

Waitaminute, if I share it with my friends, won’t they try to steal it from me?Well, that means they aren’t really your friends. Consider this the best app ever to weed out these buggers out and tell them, “I don’t friend you anymore!”.

Discover unknown joints and deals in Singapore through the Sugar app

So when can I buy a deal?Anytime you want, as long as you feel the deal is worth it. Of course, the longer you wait, the more likely the price is lowered. Also just as likely - the deal will be snapped up. Remember, there’s only one available per day.

Please tell me it’s a free app.Almost. It’s free to download on both iOS and Android and you start off with S$10 worth of credit. You do realise you’ll need more credits to purchase new deals, right? You can do an in-app purchase to pay for more deals. Purchase more credits at a go, and you can get extra free credits too.

And for aspiring hipster cafe owners who want to be listed?Go to the Sugar website, muck around a bit and find their contact details. Oh, by the way, there’s no setup fee or monthly subscription to be listed on Sugar. Again, true story.