Design Tuesday: 5 concept clocks we wish were real and on our walls

Too bad they're just concepts. We'd have thrown out our crappy plastic timekeepers and replaced them with these
Concept clocks we wish were real

That old grandfather clock or cheap, plastic Ikea one hanging on your wall isn't going to cut it if you have a swanky pad. A true geek needs a cool clock that'll fit into his or her lifestyle. We're no different here at Stuff but we take it a step further. We want the stuff that hasn't even been made yet. Just check out these concept timepieces we'd really like hanging over at Stuff HQ's wall. Maybe if we made enough noise, they'll actually start making them.

1. The Domino Clock

Domino Clock by Carbon Design

If Carbon Design sounds familiar, it should be. Your Xbox 360 controller? The Kinect? How about the Microsofts Arc and Touch mice? All their cool looks were by Carbon Design. And if they're designing a clock we want one. Their Domino clock concept is pretty simple actually. Three larger-than-life dominoes, each equipped with a set of articulating dots, mark the passing hours and minutes of the day. Still can't figure it out? Well the picture above should explain it enough. Now get that damn clock made now!

2. The Front & Back

Front & Back by Gihawoo design

Why should we hide the batteries behind a clock? Gihawoo Design reinterperts the use of the battery in a clock with the simple yet logical design of the Front & Back clock. Instead of hiding them, why not use them as the clock hands? Now if only our regular batteries from the supermarket didn't look so garish.