The coolest audio devices spotted at CES Asia 2017

These statement speakers will add some character to your home

Does a speaker need to look like a speaker? Probably not.

The exhibitors at CES Asia this year obviously felt the same way because almost every other booth had unconventional speakers on display.

Ranging from the ultra sleek to the terrifically whacky, we’ve rounded up the sexiest ones from the show, so your music can finally look as good as it sounds.

808 Audio CANZ GLO Wireless Speaker

Talk about being the life of the party. This can-sized boomer brings the bass with precision tuned dynamic sound and Bluetooth connectivity so you can blast music wirelessly from your smartphone. Multi-mode LEDs encase the speaker, delivering a light show that blinks in time with the music. With a 6-hour battery life and its compact form, this portable speaker is a definite crowd-pleaser.

Buy it for US$39.99 (S$53) 

Mifa M9

Ever thought it’d be cool to have a speaker that looked like handbag? Neither did we, until we spotted the Mifa M9. Under the hood sits two 2.5in magnetic loudspeakers that support DSP 3D sound and a dual-core NCN digital amp that makes for minimal distortion even at max volume. It’s also fitted with an LCD screen that displays the time and battery life, along with a micro-SD slot so you can store music. Pretty nifty tech for something so cute eh?

Buy it for US$79 (S$105)