Christmas Gift Guide 2016: 11 headphones for music lovers

Sweet sounding cans, man - where'd you get 'em? The Stuff Gift Guide, of course

There are headphones, then there are headphones. You can cup some cans round your little lobes and enjoy mid-range musical moments, or you can go on an ultra-engrossing personal sonic journey before the 7.57 pulls into Raffles Place.

If you know someone of the latter inclination, this collection of impeccable ear-feeders is certified to bring them audio delight.

Note: not actually certified. But they're pretty darn good.

Bose QC35 (S$519)

Yes, they're a bit pricey. But, yes, they're also arguably the best in-flight cans money can buy: the noise cancelling tech is top notch.

Comfortable and sweet-sounding to boot, the Bluetooth-enabled QC35s also pack a battery good for 20 hours - which should more than cover any long-haul hop - whilst the built-in mic is crystal clear, so you can call your mates to tell them just how good your new 'phones are.

Buy Bose QC35 here

Erato Apollo 7 (S$499)

Wireless earbuds are all the rage now thanks to talk about town of headphone jacks hitting the road with more smartphones next year. Save yourself from the disappointment of retiring your wired pair of earphones by embracing the future now

The Apollo 7 are so light at 4g, you won't even realise they're there if not for the Metallica you're blasting. The single button located discretely on them gives you control over your music and they support AAC, SBX, and aptX formats. On a single charge, they'll last you 3 hours before you have to pop them back into the case that will give you another two full charges. Sweet.

Buy the Erato Apollo 7s here

Beyerdynamic T1 Generation 2 (S$1800)

If you’ve absolutely, positively got to have the best pair of headphones in the room, then these are the ones for you.

Beyerdynamic's T1 Generation 2s just claimed What Hi-Fi's headphone of the year award, and for good reason: they’re incredibly comfortable, the shielded textile braided cable is detachable and, yes, they sound absolutely phenomenal.

Of course, you’re going to need a top quality source and an amplifier to help them really shine - but any self-respecting audiophile’s already got that sorted, right?

Buy Beyerdynamic T1 Generation 2 here

Soundmagic E10C (S$55)

You could buy your loved one a pair of earphones for a tenner, but, if you really love them, you should stretch the budget to this fine pair.

Not only do they sound stellar for the price, they're also attached to a decent quality cable and come with a range of tips - so they'll sound sweet to every ear. Oh, and there's a three-button remote, too, for volume and music control.

Buy Soundmagic E10C here