Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Stuff's Wish List

Dear Santa, the Stuff team has been awfully nice this year. Please, won’t you take a look at some of our ridiculous wishes?
Christmas Gift Guide: Stuff's Wish List

At Stuff, we believe that Santa has been keeping track of who’s been nice, and we should (at least, we hope) be on the nice list.

We make a few wishes to the jolly old man, and await a Christmas miracle for these gifts to appear on our doorstep.

The Massage Me video game controller

Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Stuff's Wish List

Rubba, rubba!

I’m not anything close to a gamer – I only tend to button bash the controller for a few Xbox games but that’s about it. BUT many of my friends / family members love it, which means I’m always left staring at them playing.

But that can change with the Massage Me video game controller. It’s basically a flexible vest that has a video game controller built into the back to translate massage moves into video-game commands.

The only downside is it’s meant to be made, not bought (it comes with an online do-it-yourself guide). Oh, and a cute masseuse / gamer thrown into the mix would be nice too.  

An IOT-connected AI PA

Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Stuff's Wish List

Robot overlords be damn!

That's an artificially intelligent personal assistant connected to the Internet of Things, for those not in the know.

It should have Siri's sense of humour, Google Now's responsiveness, and the ability to do things for me as I lie in bed commanding it to dim the lights, switch TV channels, and make me a Bellini.

Should it one day become genuinely intelligent, tire of my asinine requests, and take over the world, I'd gladly hand over control because seriously, something that smart deserves mad props and our unconditional surrender. 

A real virtual reality system

Christmas Gift Guide 2014: Stuff's Wish List

Is this real life or is this just fantasy?

Oculus Rift is only the tip of the iceberg. Sure, it’s scary as hell to play Alien: Isolation in a fully immersive virtual reality environment.

But you know what’s even better? Actually having an out-of-body experience and diving into the world. See. Feel. Taste. Hear. All senses are triggered as if you’re in the real world. Oh wait, the Wachoski siblings already have that concept in mind with The Matrix.

But hey, who’s to say we aren’t already jacked in and living in a virtual world?