The cheapest (and most expensive) places to get the Apple iPhone SE

Look at these cheaper options before you order one

The iPhone SE has a retail price of S$658 (16GB) and S$828 (64GB), making it the most affordable iPhone in the market right now.

While the price isn’t too expensive for us Singaporeans, there are places you can get the phone for an even lower price. If you are traveling anytime soon, check out the prices of the iPhone SE around the world and how it compares to what we are getting.

The iPhone SE ain't cheap here

Like the iPhone 6s, the most expensive places to get the iPhone SE are Turkey, Hungary and Italy. In Turkey, the phone has a retail price starting from S$955 – that’s S$297 more than the price offered here. The price of the phone offered in other European countries is also significantly more than what we are getting.



Get a cheaper iPhone SE from these places

If you are planning a holiday to nearer destinations like Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, you might want to buy the phone there.

The price difference is not much here, but as the saying goes, “a penny saved is a penny earned”, right? Just treat it as a souvenir from the country, and moreover, you might be eligible for a tax rebate to help you save further.