Casual Connect Asia 2015: 10 Unique Indie Mobile Games To Look Out For

Tired of farm simulators and mindless shooters? Start here

It’s not easy making a game within a small screen, and an even smaller budget. Aside from a few shining exceptions, the epidemic Candy Crush copies and endless runners continue to ooze through the app stores, threatening to take over the world. 

But in this year’s indie games showcase, small-budget developers were as eclectic as ever. Hands were shaken, cards were exchanged, and alphas were played. Amidst cyberspace and critters, flying and fighting, there’s something here for everyone. 


Steampunker is an interesting hybrid of traditional point-and-click adventure and hidden object searching set in a beautiful and nostalgic hand-drawn steampunk world. 

As you assist Vincent in finding items to patch up vehicles to advance through the game, crack your brains trying to fix a steam leakage and repair a damaged motherboard, amongst other clever puzzles. Be immersed in this alluring atmosphere – fighting off evil robots has never been this captivating. 

iOS - $3.98

Android - $1.29

Kill The Plumber

It’s payback time! How will things change if you aren’t agile like the main character you’re used to playing? And remember how you died in the original game? Well, now’s the time to use it in your favour to bring the affable icon down. 

This uniquely reversed puzzle platformer features about 96 engaging levels of trying to kill the plumber. And maybe, just maybe, we’ve misunderstood those angry-looking creatures all along.

Expected to be released on iOS and Android in July 2015

Veggie Dog

Inspired by Metal Gear Solid, this adorable game melds action-puzzle with stealth set in a farm. An unfortunate little dog became the specimen of a mysterious experiment after being injected by a substance, turning into him into a vegetarian. 

Sneak past farmers to eat their hard work and turn into weird vegetable hybrids (carog, or dogrot?) with special attributes. As you progress through hundreds of levels, slowly uncover the dark secrets of the farmers and most importantly, the scientist (ten bucks he’s vegan). 

Expected to be released on iOS and Android soon.


Defend the nucleus in this tower-defence-like game with a striking neon artstyle that is easy to play but hard to master. Control shields that can be moved clockwise or counter-clockwise around the core and deflect harmful particles from reaching it. 

As you play through over 50 levels, particles become more erratic, possessing characteristics such as sticky electrons that suck the life out of you, or colour-coded protons that can destroy or help your shields. ATOM is as addictive as it is simple and clever.

Expected to be released on iOS and Android soon.

Prison Life RPG

Experience life behind bars in this open-world prison game. Unlike ‘Escapist’, which focuses on, well, escaping, Prison Life RPG is packed with features, allowing you to choose how you want to live the rest of your life. Sure, you can do a Michael Scofield, but you can also go the safer way by doing your time, calling your lawyer and arranging parole hearings. 

Join gangs for protection, complete jobs, snitch for guards… Prison Life RPG offers a hundred unique prisoners and tons of activities to keep you occupied.

iOS - $4.99

Android - $4.99

Monster Medic

Your pet monster is sick and there isn’t a monster vet in town, so let’s enter his body and physically battle away his germs! Monster Medic is a vibrant two-player local co-op game that focuses on connecting people through teamwork and chaos. Navigate the same ship in which both players have the same controls for moving, repairing and shooting. 

The polished and visually-pleasant game is cutesy, colourful and addictive. 

Expected to be released on iOS in July 2015.

Zen Koi – A Tranquil Aquatic Journey

If you’re having a bad day (and we’ve all been there), any kind of game with a plot, score or weapon involved is going to rile you up. Why not take a deep breath and relax with Zen Koi, where you can feed, collect and breed beautiful and colourful patterned fish, all at your own pace? 

There are no predators, well, you are the predator eating all those unsuspecting little bugs, as you soothe your way into ascending your Koi into dragons.

iOS – free

Android – free

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Take on the role of a little control unit and traverse a vast city-structure ridded with deadly traps, exciting puzzles and hordes of mad machines. The painfully gorgeous side-scroller flaunts its cyberpunk influences of Portal and Metroid proudly, with piercing robotic eyes searing through silhouettes and set against an eerie, ominous background. 

Take control of a huge mecha, dodge massive automatons and discover the true cause of your awakening as you return control of the Structure.

Expected to be released on iOS and Android soon.

Karma. Incarnation 1

A psychedelic side-scrolling platformer with a story to tell, Karma begins with Pip, a newborn soul incarnated as a funny but brutal worm. With no text dialogue at all, communicate with other characters through visual cues, images and cloud bubbles in a crazy, bizarre world. 

Complete quests, mini-games and mind-bending puzzles with the help of Astral Sight, allowing you to look into the surreal spirit world. Evil deeds (like eating a helpless plant) will spoil Pip's karma and his appearance, growing spikes and horns, while doing good will purify him. In-game characters respond differently to both in this humorous yet thoughtful experience.

Expected to be released on iOS and Android soon.

ChemCaper – Petticles in Peril

I had the best time of my life learning chemistry in school, said no one ever. ChemCaper is an RPG with chemistry-embedded elements conceptualised by… Teachers, of course. Getting kids away from their gadgets isn’t going to happen in this generation, so ChemCaper meets them halfway, transforming dreadful chemistry hieroglyphs into virtual potion-making, quests, battle sequences and other mini-games to restore balance in the periodic table.

ChemCaper brings one of the toughest subjects to life in this educational game adults would be happy to let their children play.

Expected to be released on iOS and Android soon.