CanJam Singapore 2016: 5 headphones that deserve some ear time from you

Expecting the usual makers like Sennheiser and Sony? A surprise awaits

There's nothing like spending a Saturday with a pair of cans belting out your favourite tunes.

And that's exactly what transpired at CanJam 2016 Singapore. We admit, we've been hogging quite a few demo stations, and have given so many sheepish looks when we were greeted by a snaking queue after we took the cans off.

There were plenty of sweet-sounding cans for us to test, with the usual brands such as Sony, Sennheiser and Shure making their presence felt. But rather than going the usual route, we've decided to pay a bit more attention to the less-familiar brands here.

The result? An astounding jamming session with some unknown yet equally impressive set of cans we've heard in a while.