Can you spend less for more data with Singtel DataMore and MobileShare?

We simplify the maths for you so you just have to worry about your budget

Telcos know how data hungry we are. And it didn't help when telcos yanked away the 12GB per month offers when 4G price plans were introduced.

In an effort to make peace with its users, Singtel introduced data bundles to ease the worries about busting the monthly data limit. More recently, the telco adjusted the pricing for its DataMore, bundling more data for you to use in a month.

On its own, the DataMore service won't fulfil its potential. But if it's used in conjunction with the MobileShare supplementary plan, which lets you add up to three supplementary lines per main line, will it save you more money or cost you more in the long run?

We might be mere writers but we aren't shunning away from some basic maths to simplify this for you.

Why is a DataMore with MobileShare plan good for the family?

This is a simple question. Let's say you have 3GB of data per month. Now, if you've been diligently using the full quota, that's fine. Exceeded the limit? Some might say it's just S$10.70 per GB, just suck it up and pay (yeah right). But what if you've been underutilising it? Then, you hear your family lamenting about that data limit notification.

What if you pooled your data together and shared it amongst everyone? Simply put, it's like dipping into a central bank, each person use as much as they need and pool their resources to get more data if it's running low.

Theoretically speaking, this means you won't be wasting data if everyone's sharing and utilising the data bundle to its full potential.

But what if it costs more? Shouldn't I just have separate Singtel Combo plans to get the same data?

Here's where we do a little bit of accounting to see what it's worth for you. For example, if you're a family of four, each member subscribing to a Combo 2 plan, that's a total of 8GB of data, split evenly across four lines. Each line would cost S$42.90, amounting to S$171.60 per month.

Now, the caveat for DataMore and MobileShare is that the main line must be subscribed to a Singtel Combo Mobile plans, Lite (2GB), Value (3GB), Plus (4GB) or Prestige (12GB) plan. As an example, you could go with this combination to get a similar data bundle:

  • Singtel Combo 1: S$27.90, comes with 100MB
  • 3 supplementary lines: S$32.10, comes with additional 500MB per line
  • DataMore 8GB: S$59.92
  • Total cost: S$119.92 per month for 9.6GB of data shared among four people

It's quite easy to see what gets you more mileage. Combining both DataMore and MobileShare costs less per month and still nets you more data if you were to add a similar bundle to the main and supplementary lines.


Wait, won't SIM-only plans cost less?

Well, this is also a no-brainer. Getting just a line with Singtel would also mean you're paying less per month since there's no phone subsidy that's padded into your monthly subscription. With S$20, you're getting 3GB of data, and on top of that, every additional GB costs S$5.35.

If all four members in the family subscribe to the base SIM only plan, it'll only cost S$80 per month, netting 12GB of data split evenly across four lines. Not even the DataMore and MobileShare tag team can beat that.

So why should I even consider getting a DataMore and MobileShare plan?

For a few reasons. First, if you're already signed up to a Combo plan and stuck with it for another year, you might as well take up DataMore to up the limit. After all, DataMore also requires you to be loyal to Singtel for one year.

Next, if you've been meaning to get a new phone and don't have as much upfront cash to pay for it, getting a Combo plan is the only option.

Here's something to consider - you could just get a basic Combo 1 plan to get a subsidised phone, sell the phone and sign up for a supplementary plan, use DataMore and share it with the supplementary line. The profit you earn from the subsidised phone could fund both lines, effectively giving you free data for a few months.

Unless, you're pretty much done with Singtel and want to switch camps. Then we'd recommend you check out this SIM-only comparison guide between Singtel, StarHub, M1 and the new kid on the block, Circles.Life.