How to get big sound on a small budget

Racking your brains for an audio setup for your TV on a shoestring budget? Here are some recommendations

Now, home AV setups in the past have traditionally been dominated by dedicated amplifiers and huge-a** speakers.

Right now, we live in incredibly good times. Those really expensive setups of the past can be reduced to an incredibly simple speaker setup that links to your TV.

If you have a TV in your living room, the logical progression to optimise your entertainment experience is to get some nice lighting, some fancy furniture and of course, some real good audio! Now, there may be audiophiles that may suggest a setup for nothing less than a car downpayment.

Well, put those hair-raising thoughts to one side as there are much more affordable options available. In fact if you look hard enough, they may not even cost as much as an iPhone. 

That said, here are some recommendations of simple home AV audio setups geared for audio with a (comparatively) miniscule S$600 budget.