A brief history of mirrorless cameras

The thinking used to be that a DSLR was the only way to go for the best images. That’s no longer true

Faster, lighter, more powerful: that’s the common trajectory where gadgets are concerned.

It’s no different with cameras, with year-on-year improvements in its imaging performance and size. While DSLRs have been the main staple of photographers, there is a growing community of shutterbugs that have subscribed to the less is better philosophy.

And leading that charge are mirrorless cameras. As far as it's concerned, this camera category has taken the imaging world by storm. In a span of less than a decade, we've seen a paradigm shift in the way people gravitate towards the portable yet equally powerful camera system.

Still trying to get your head around mirrorless cameras? While we have a comprehensive Mirrorless Camera 101 hub waiting for you to digest, perhaps a quick gander into its history will shed some light on why these compact systems have amazed photographers.