The breathtaking photos of Singapore that won Canon’s PhotoMarathon XII

Singapore never looked so good
The breathtaking photos that won Canon’s PhotoMarathon XII

What do you get when you combine 2500 photographers, nine hours of free shooting time and three different themes to shoot by? Photography gems created under pressure, that's what.

Here are the very best of them from the annual Canon PhotoMarathon. Trust us, your eyes are in for a visual treat.

First in Student Category ("Beauty in Chaos")

The breathtaking photos that won Canon’s PhotoMarathon XII

"I knew from the point we were issued the theme that I wanted to do a double exposure. It's one of my favourite effects, and I knew that with some experimentation I would be able to make it fit the theme.

To me, beauty is when people and nature coexist harmoniously, and I sought to convey that message through imposing an image of branches and leaves against the backward silhouette of a girl. Despite the visual 'chaos' in the image due to overlapping layers, there is a pleasing sense of harmony and calm derived from viewing this picture."

By Rae Phang