The Big Question: What is the best food delivery app in Singapore?

With Christmas just around the corner, this list will prove useful for your festive feasting

Preparing a succulent stuffed turkey alongside luscious log cakes might be an easy feat for Nigella, but not all of us were born waving a spatula.

Fortunately, we have Deliveroo, Food Panda, UberEats and What to Eat to deliver where we cannot. To save you the headache of deciding on the best food delivery service for your Christmas party, we've done the hard work of working out their pros and cons. Merry Feastmas!


Set up here in 2015, Deliveroo is one of the biggest food delivery companies across the globe now. They cater to a wide variety of tastebuds, delivering from restaurants that serve nutritious food for health junkies, to guilty decadent treats for the hedonist.

The app sorts out restaurants and eateries based on how close they are to you, which helps speed up meal delivery times, and also gives you an indicative price range of the restaurant.

The Deliver ASAP function also allows you to set the earliest delivery time possible. If you choose a specific timing form this function, then you will only see restaurants capable of sending you food at this earliest juncture. Pretty cool right?

The average delivery time for Deliveroo is about 32 minutes (based off their website) and the delivery fees come in at a flat S$3 per delivery, unlike other delivery services that have varying delivery surcharges. However, the caveat is that you have to order a minimum of S$25 worth of food, or else, you will be charged an extra S$5 delivery fee

●     Average Delivery Time: 32 Minutes

●     Delivery Fee: S$3

●     Minimum Order: S$25 (anything under will result in a S$5 delivery surcharge)


Singapore’s very first food delivery app, FoodPanda is one of the largest food delivery companies in Singapore right now, but it’s struggling to fight off both Deliveroo and UberEats. However, as the incumbent and longest standing food delivery app in Singapore, FoodPanda has developed a powerful application that helps you sort out and order your food incredibly easily.

FoodPanda’s app is built to sort restaurants based on how close they are to you and the price range of the meals found in that establishment. This is similar to that of Deliveroo’s home page. However, it does one better by adding in an incredibly robust filtering mechanism. This filter system allows you to sort food based on Relevance, Rating, Delivery Time, Delivery Fee, Minimum Order, Budget and Cuisines. It even has special filters like Halal, or Under the Mistletoe (for festive promotions). So if you want Japanese food delivered in 30 minutes for a delivery fee of S$3 that’s Halal , set those quick filters and you’re going to be able to save yourself a lot of time.

There isn’t a fixed delivery fee or minimum order for FoodPanda and the fees vary from restaurant to restaurant. However, based on our experience, the minimum order tends to be around S$18 and the delivery fee hovering around the S$3 mark. Food delivery times on the other hand, are usually between 30 to 60 minutes, with 45 minutes being the most common timeframe for your food to be delivered within.

●     Average Delivery Time: 30 to 60 minutes

●     Delivery Fee: S$3

●     Minimum Order: S$18