The best tech for NSFs to take into camp

Fulfill your calling as a 3G soldier with the ultimate gadget packing list

Serving the country soon? Your enlistment letter isn't the only important thing to take with you. 

Add a dose of civilian joys to your weeks in camp or outfield with this fun pack of tech that's permitted by most camps. From power banks to keep you juiced throughout the week, to portable speakers to add a little life to proceedings and crazy mobile plans with all the data you could possibly need, NSF life's about to get much better. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all squadrons and camps allow the use of lifestyle devices, so check with the necessary personnel first to prevent getting charged for taking these gadgets in and losing a couple of precious weekends!

Portable charger

It’s an absolute nightmare when you run out of juice while outfield. The thought of being disconnected for the next few hours – or days – can be majorly depressing. If you’re just enlisting, chances are you’ll have to last at least two weeks at a go without a power socket, so you’re going to want at least 10000mAh of extra power. Ensure your mobile devices stay juiced up with some of these choices.

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10000mAh (S$20) – the go-to power bank for pretty much the whole nation at the moment. It’s affordable and reliable (mine’s lasted me four years and counting).  

Anker PowerCore Speed 20000mAh Quick Charge 3.0 Powerbank (S$70) – If you want to charge fast, this Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0-powered device is the way to go. Not only will you be juiced up in no time, you'll also get to earn some “wayang” points with that extra USB port to help charge your friends’ (or superiors') devices. 

Non-camera phone

Most camps will require you to use a non-camera phone. While you can always depend on our homegrown darling iNo for some quality non-camera Android phones (iNo 5, S$298), you may want to seek out other affordable options too, then have the camera removed (cameras can always be reinstalled after you’re done with NS).

Like an iPhone, for example. Of course, we strongly advise against dropping a ton of cash on a sleek new iPhone 8 or an iPhone X and disembowelling it. But the good thing about Apple is, iOS updates ensure most iPhones work in a pretty much identical manner. So get an older, more affordable device, like a perfectly functional refurbished iPhone 6S (S$599), and enjoy all that iOS goodness you need in camp without feeling the urge to cry if it accidentally gets trampled on your next march.

If you prefer to go with Android, there are plenty of low-priced and powerful devices out there that you can remove the camera from without feeling the guilt. Xiaomi is an NSF favourite, with handsome phones for as low as S$118. We highly recommend the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. With 4GB RAM and expandable storage, it’ll serve you perfectly, plus there's that awesome 4100mAh battery to last you through a whole day, no sweat.