The best robot vacuums that really suck

These things automatically suck… in a good way

Ever since the Jetsons, humans have been waiting, and in some cases praying for the day sassy robot maids will do everything in the house.

Why not, if it gives us humans more time for the important things like playing Tsum Tsum on the toilet.

That day isn’t quite here yet, but robot vacuums might still mark the beginning of the end of household chores for everyone. It’s been a few years since robot vacuums were introduced, and although they might not be in every household yet, it might just be a matter of time.

They take up less space than a traditional hoover, and do the vacuuming for you. What’s not to like? But let’s face it, the real reason you want one is because you saw this, and no one can blame you:

In any case, we’ve rounded up a bunch of robot vacuums that you can consider, because we’re nice that way.

iRobot Roomba 880 (S$1398) 

The undisputed king of all robot vacuums, so ubiquitous that a common term for robot vacuums is Roomba.

Much to the chagrin of iRobot’s competition, iRobot has sold 10 million of their UFO-shaped robot vacuums as of 2014. So you know you can count on them to get the job done.

All you have to do is to set the Roomba on a schedule and it’ll do all the cleaning for you – only bothering you when the dust tray needs clearing. It also goes back to the dock automatically when it needs to recharge, simple as that.

Good for: Everyone, but especially people who want to stick their cats on a Roomba. Do the Roomba rhumba!

Buy the iRobot Roomba 880

i-Rova Robot Vacuum cleaner K6 (S$285) 

Cheap Chinese brands are a dime a dozen, and the i-Rova is a good example of a basic model that seems to do the trick fairly well.

It doesn’t have an automatic recharge feature, so you’ll have to plug it in for a four-hour charge when it runs out of juice. The brushes that extend from the unit make it look like a gigantic robot tick, but apparently it helps the vacuum reach and clean corners. It also comes with a small mop attachment you can stick underneath. Nothing special, but more than sufficient.

Good for: Home-owners on a tight budget, as well as bargain hunters

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