The best portable Bluetooth speakers under S$400

Don't be fooled by their size: these portable speakers have enough boom to shake any room

There's nothing worse than a party without music.

You might have a boomtastic hi-fi in your living room, but what good is that when you take the party outside? 

What you need is a portable speaker, but you probably won't be willing to let it brave the outside world if you spent a fortune on it. Fear not though - these budget speakers provide the perfect compromise.

They're cheap enough that you won't freak out if you place a bottle of beer in their proximity, while still managing to pump out tunes without horrid crackles. Party on:

Beoplay A1 (S$369)

The A1 is Bang & Olufsen’s cheapest speaker, but the Danish high-end audio specialist hasn’t skimped at all on this diddy delight. Its sumptuous ‘hockey puck’ design looks terrific, and the sound isn’t half bad either.

Rock solid and full-bodied, it’ll give you a hearty amount of bass from the thunderous vibes of Jamie xx and Popcaan. Better still, sound is pushed wide enough so you don’t have to reach for the A1’s volume button in louder surroundings.

Despite lacking a little attack compared to the UE Boom 2, it’s still a fab portable speaker.

Tech specs 

Dimensions: 133x133x48mm, 0.6kg • Battery life: 24 hours • USB: C • Waterproof: No 

Buy the Beoplay A1 (S$369) here


Stylish and with plenty of substance to boot