The best data roaming options for Singaporeans travelling abroad

No more Internet anxiety overseas

It’s vacation season and chances are you’re jetting off somewhere exotic real soon.

But before you leave, have you considered your plan for mobile data? Because being stranded without Internet in a foreign land can be quite the inconvenience.

Why use an actual map when you can use Google maps? Why wait to share photos of your experiences when you can Snapchat it immediately? Why bother asking the concierge for food recommendations when you can just hit Yelp? You get the idea.

To do all that, we need the power of the Internet — and data roaming is the most convenient way to get it. Here’s a rundown of what the telcos are offering, so you can make the best decisions on how to maximize your overseas data.

Also because we don’t want you spending most of your holiday trying to hijack spotty Wi-Fi signals from random cafes.

StarHub DataTravel

The green giant recently launched its DataTravel service for existing postpaid customers. It lets you add-on either 2GB of data for S$15, or 3GB for S$20, with no activation or subscription fee. This data is valid for 30 days within or single country or across multiple destinations, and can be topped up anytime you need more.

It connects your phone automatically to the strongest available network signals, so you won’t have to fiddle with network connections. Also, if your DataTravel plan is about to expire or depletes to 500MB and below, you’ll get a bunch of SMS notifications to alert you. Topping up will extend the validity of any unused data by another 30 days, so go for it.

How to activate: SMS “DT2” or “DT3” to 6818 to instantly add a 2GB or 3GB DataTravel plan.