The best ARKit apps and games for iOS 11 you’ll actually want to use

Bring another dimension to your iPhone or iPad with these augmented reality greats

Stompy dinosaur! That got your attention. Which was probably Apple’s thinking on using a massive Tyrannosaurus rex to illustrate the power of augmented reality.

But this also smacks a bit of gimmick – and that’s a problem for the slew of ARKit apps now rampaging around the App Store like a crazed prehistoric beast.

So we’ve scoured the App Store for serious apps that help you achieve practical goals and educate yourself, and four fab games that benefit from an added dimension; but also we couldn’t resist throwing into the mix some oddball efforts that are entertainingly daft.

Four seriously good ARKit apps to install today

Use your iPhone to audition furniture, stare at the stars, and learn what makes things – including you – tick.

1) IKEA Place

Not sure whether that chair will work in your living room? Well, you could drive to IKEA, lug some boxes home, put the thing together, and collapse in a heap. Or you could have this AR app plonk an AR chair on your rug, and feel a bit smug. (Then realise you like it, and then curse that the app can’t magically turn a virtual chair into the real thing.)

Get IKEA Place (free)

2) Sky Guide AR

The snag with astronomy is the stars unsportingly only come out at night. Until now. With Sky Guide AR, you can map constellations on to the daytime sky, making everyone around you think you’re a nutter when they ask what you’re doing in the blazing sunshine, and you respond: stargazing.

Get Sky Guide AR (S$4.48)

3) JigSpace

When you want to learn about something on your iPhone, you probably head to Wikipedia or YouTube. But JigSpace goes one better, shoving interactive 3D objects in front of your eyeballs – perfect when you urgently need to master how a piano works, the science of tectonic plates, or the anatomy of a trebuchet.

Get JigSpace (free)

4) Human Anatomy Atlas 2018

This atlas enables you to place a virtual cadaver on a table, then gleefully dissect it. Although the app’s aimed at medical students, it’s fascinating for anyone who wants to know more about anything from skeletons to organs. Keen but can’t quite stomach the price tag? Try oddball levitating organ Insight Heart for three bucks instead.

Get Human Anatomy Atlas 2018