The 5 best apps for selfie noobs

Bad at taking selfies? Don't worry, these apps will transform you into a selfie pro in no time

It’s a favourite pastime for many to criticise millennials for their endless selfie-taking antics, but we suspect that to some degree, it’s partly because these people are bad at taking selfies themselves.

However, thanks to the advent of cleverly-designed filters, selfie-taking has become more than just an ego trip — it can be an endlessly amusing pastime, with the added bonus of making you look like you woke up in a L’Oréal store.

So we embarked upon a journey of selfie-discovery to find the best selfie apps for those, like us, who aren’t selfie-inclined. It was fraught with adventure and (eyebrow) disasters, but eventually we settled on our top five selfie apps.


Whilst this app did not have the most impressive user interface, it earned a place on this list simply because its filters were so hilariously bizarre. We were impressed by the quality and ingenuity of the various filters, which still looked quite detailed even if you held the camera almost right up to your nose. The sheer absurdity of some of the filters makes MSQRD a must-try, but unfortunately outside of the few neat filters, this app is slightly mediocre. Nonetheless, we recommend trying it out, if only to get a special Shark Week selfie.

Available for Android and iOS

4. LINE Camera

This app features a mix of cartoon-like and ‘realistic’ overlays, ranging from flower crowns to anime-style facial expressions. Although the variety of characters makes this stand out from other apps, the layout and grouping of the filters leaves one feeling a bit overwhelmed due to its cluttered appearance on the screen.

Available on Android and iOS


Snow is a photo-sharing platform on which one can take selfies with a wide range of filters and either send them to friends — much like Snapchat — or post it to their Story page. Snow’s layout is also very similar to that of Snapchat, and includes a timer, drawing tool and emoji panel.

Our only concern was that some of the filters, particularly the ones featuring animals, seem to be optimised for people with rounder and shorter faces and will not expand to fit longer faces. In addition, the saved version of the photo includes a clunky and unnecessarily large border around the actual photo, which made us less likely to share the photo on another social medium. However, Snow does have a weirder and wider range of layovers than Snapchat, many of which provided me with endless amusement and made the app’s shortcomings easily forgivable.

Available on Android and iOS