Be the first to see Singapore's new National Stadium through the eyes of a GoPro and a Drone

Watch how our football-loving friends let loose a GoPro and camera drone to give you an all-area access of the new National Stadium
Be the first to see Singapore's new National Stadium through the eyes of a GoPro

Fact: the new Singapore Sports Hub is the world's largest dome structure, ready to sit 55,000 eager sports fans.

And with the Singapore Selection vs Juventus FC match at the National Stadium just days away, our friends at FourFourTwo unleashed a camera drone and a GoPro camera upon the new National Stadium. The result? An exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Singapore's latest achievement.

Aerial view

Now we know why Aladdin always flew on his magic carpet. With such breathtaking views at this amazing height, it’s no wonder that everyone wants a bird’s eye view of the action that happens on the pitch. If you're wondering how the FourFourTwo folks managed to get the magical footage, here's a behind-the-scenes look at the, ermm, behind-the-scenes look at the all-new National Stadium.

The drone

The drone

This was the drone that created the unprecedented photographic experience at the end of the shoot. We know it looks like a kid’s toy but the Phantom 2 Vision is more powerful than you think. With a 14MP lens and a range of camera tilt options, the drone gives you panoramic views of the stadium.

Since GPS stabilises the drone, it even works somewhat like your smartphone does to get its orientation (remember the figure-8 calibration). So the drone pretty much needs to be rolled over a few times.

This was right before it started to take flight – look at those blades.

Starting flight

Starting flight

The drone also lets you monitor real-time flight data along with a live camera view of up to 300m with a Wi-Fi wireless connection to your mobile device. Our drone pilot Lim Weixiang flew the drone so effortlessly, we swear he’s got some experience as a trained pilot.