And that’s a wrap on Scary Stuff

We’ve never tried as hard to scare our readers than we did last month

Every Stuff reader would have noticed our site go orange for the month of October. To celebrate Halloween, we went full-on on scarily good content, and had a boatload of fun doing it.

We tried one of Tein Hee’s scary tricks on him (because we always test our content out). Regrettably, it didn’t quite pan out the way we wanted it to, but you can trust that we will try again next year - or tomorrow.

The story about Asia's most haunted hotels came from Elissa’s very real fear of sleeping in strange hotels. And because she had to research and write that story, she’s now even more freaked out than ever (but it's all worth it for your edutainment).

Melvin listed the most recognisable villains in horror movie history because he’s just that obsessed with everything evil. If you’ve ever tried to use his mobile hotspot, it’s listed under Dr Evil.

The fun doesn’t end with us, obviously. We’re all about our readers so we ended our month long scarefest with a trip to the movies. Of course, we had to screen a suitably scary movie Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension to stay on theme. We're pretty sure everyone enjoyed the movie (well, those without their hands over their eyes anyway). To make the deal sweeter, we even provided the snacks because we’re just that generous with our favourite people - our readers.

Thanks for helping us make Scary Stuff a resounding success. Look out for more of our themed months in the future, we’ve got a few epic ones in the pipeline if we dare say so ourselves. You know what they say, reading Stuff is always good for you.