9 selfie spots in Singapore that'll turn you into an Instagram sensation

Aim, shoot and share your photos at these locations to induce Instagram-gasms

With the young and old in Singapore all getting into the selfie act and onto Instagram these days, the stakes are high.

How do you build a small loyal following and keep them entertained? How would you try to let people know you might actually have a personality? Now really, how can you possibly stand out besides posting near-naked photos of yourself?

We’re kidding, please don’t post your ass online.

In Singapore, there are no lack of good places to capture Instagrammable moments - even if you don't look hard enough. But when you do, forget about the same old soulless tourist traps and hipster cafes.

Here are nine places in Singapore that you can take filtered photos to turn yourself into an instant Instagram darling.

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1. The Pinnacle@Duxton 50th floor skybridge

[Image: Wang Pei]

Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands is overdone, passe and overrun by pesky tourists.

The 50th floor skybridge, on the other hand, just screams, "OMG LOOK AT ME I'M ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD!" because there are less people there and you can really scream without anyone looking at you funny.

This place basically overlooks Singapore in all directions. You can see the economy-driving port and harbour that looks like a stone's throw away. There is the Central Business District right smack in front of you to remind you that you are in the heart of it all (i.e. where the money is). And in the distance you can see the heartlands snuggled far, far away over the horizon.

For those who don't live in The Pinnacle, it costs just S$5 to enter the 50th floor, by the way, so no sweat off your brow. Plus, the air up there is great.

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