8 WeChat features that make WhatsApp look like a messenger pigeon

Make the most out of your WeChat experience with these top tips

WeChat might have failed to go global, but it’s huge in China. (And China is all you need, really.) Sadly, many of the features that make the app indispensable aren’t as fully developed in Malaysia and Singapore, but we’re expecting that to change with time.

The name WeChat is such a misnomer as it's so much more than just a messaging app. You can track the number of steps you take, look for a job, top up your mobile credit, meet new people, and more, all from inside the app - it's a virtual world within itself.

Checkmate, Whatsapp.

WeChat while WeRun

If you’re having trouble meeting your fitness goals, why not take WeChat’s step tracker out for a spin? Search for “W” and tap WeRun to get started.

Enabling WeRun will give WeChat permission to use your OS’ default fitness tracker. If you haven’t already set it up, now’s your chance.

Why not use Google Fit or Health app instead of WeRun? Well, WeRun adds a social dimension to your fitness regime, which is unavailable in the default tracking app. Your step totals will be ranked against your friends, and healthy competition is a great motivator for you to meet your goals.


Link up your LinkedIn

WeChat might seem like an unlikely place to find a job, but those looking for one know that they’ve got to use every trick in the book.

In your profile page, you can link your LinkedIn account to your WeChat account. Users who chat with you using WeChat’s discovery features will be able to see your LinkedIn as well. But we have a hunch this feature will be more useful for prospective employers who might add you on WeChat after you give them your business card. Bonus points if you remember to insert your WeChat ID or QR code into your business card in the first place. No charge for the tip.

P.S. Don’t forget to keep your LinkedIn updated.


Set up a road trip

Another feature available through the WeChat Live Cool official account. You have to follow it first for more info.

This feature is more like an app within an app (appception, if you will), requiring the user to accept permissions from a third-party. In this case, the third-party in question is a website called easybook.com, which handles booking for Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and all states in Malaysia. This should cut down the hassle of having to book the tickets by swinging by the bus station. No way you'll ever see anything like this on Whatsapp!

Aside from buses, Easybook also offers a variety of transport options, such as train, ferry, car, and even tours. You’re also supposed to be able to buy an air ticket, but it doesn’t look like it's been enabled yet.