8 tech creations that Singaporeans can be proud of

Our tech nation gave us these awesome gadgets, including one designed to bring couples in long distance relationships erm, closer
8 tech creations you didn't know originated in Singapore

Even though Singapore might be small with a limited talent pool, in the world of tech, however, this is where our tiny city-state can work wonders.

For the past few decades, the small yet powerful country has been at the forefront of developing devices and applications that have widespread repercussions, such as the betterment of all mankind.

We’re not exaggerating, here are eight Singapore-made tech creations that helped improve everything from the sharing economy and free classified ads to heralding the future of manufacturing with 3D printing technology.

1. Vibease (Smartphone controlled vibrator)

8 tech creations you didn't know originated from Singapore

Singapore and its citizens aren't exactly known for being active like bunnies in heat, but this tech invention proves that with tech, anything can happen.

Vibease is a smartphone-controlled vibrator that has been touted as an ideal enhancement for couples coping with long-distance relationships. It all sounds very kinky, what with the long distance app-controlled stimulation, which explains why this product was making waves in the crowdfunding circle.

The founders, Dema Tio and Steven Kik, both 36 years old, had initially asked for US$30,000. They raised four times the targetted amount of US$130,000 instead.

Not looking so conservative now, are we?