7 essential accessories for the iPhone X

Take the world's most desirable phone one step further with these choice picks

Every iPhone release is accompanied by an abundance of accessories from manufacturers eager to enhance your experience (plus cash in on the latest product).

And with the iPhone X - the most different iPhone we've seen in years - the choices are mindboggling.

The introduction of plenty of changes from Apple, from wireless capabilities and fast charging to that beautiful but impractical glass back, mean accessories are going to be crucial for you to make the most out of your phone (and prevent heartbreak).

Ahead, the tech bits you’re sure to find useful for your shiny new iPhone X

Wireless charging pad

With wireless charging finally available to the iPhone, this is a no-brainer. There’s no better time either - now that Apple’s on board, wireless chargers can truly take off.

While these don’t charge as fast as traditional cables, they do keep your workspace clutter- and tangle-free. There’s also nothing quite like slapping your phone on the pad without having to peer at it to find where the charging port is.

Apple’s also played it universal, adopting the Qi Standard for wireless charging that makes it compatible with chargers powering almost any other phone. Yes, even Samsung (who's not been so friendly lately). That means you won’t have to buy special chargers just for your iPhone.

For more wireless chargers

Fast charger

When we’re in a rush, wireless charging just won’t do. We need speed. And the iPhone X does have fast-charging capabilities that impressively add 50% of battery life in a 30-minute charge.

Sadly, the peripherals for that don’t come in the box, which means you’ll have to head over to Apple to buy the specific parts required.

You’ll need: MacBook Pro USB-C Power Brick (S$68) + iPhone USB-C to Lightning Cable (S$34) = S$102 to juice up fast.

It’s ridiculously expensive, but we’re certain it’ll come in handy.


Wireless Audio

The wireless headphone market has exploded since the iPhone 7 convinced every other manufacturer that audio jacks ought to be a thing of the past. We can’t quite get over it, but a year in, there’s no point grumbling: Bluetooth headphones are the future. 

And because not all of us are into wearing thick hairbands with pads on our ears, here’s a list of wireless earphones (AirPods aside) that should nestle snugly in your ears.