7 apps that'll save you from data-busting hell

Maximise your 2GB data with these apps

While Singapore impatiently waits for a fourth telco to emerge, we’re still stuck with the ever painful 2GB plans.

Let’s face it, 2GB is hardly enough to keep our FOMO at bay and share hilarious cat pictures with your friends. So instead of cursing at auto-loading Facebook videos and hidden apps running in the background, why not download a data-saving app or seven instead?

Opera Mini (S$free)

From arguably one of the most popular data-saving web browsers around, Opera Mini is a great mobile version that takes saving your gigabytes very seriously.

It comes with two levels of data saving, Opera Turbo and Opera Mini, the latter of which is great for surfing in poor connection. You may face some problems rendering pages, but the 80% savings will be more than worth that minor inconvenience.