7 free apps to make the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 S Pen

Download these apps to fully utilise the best stylus on a mobile device

Without question, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 packs the best stylus money can buy for a mobile device.

It genuinely separates the Galaxy Note series from the often-compared Galaxy S8 Plus, providing its own set of specialised but ultimately indispensable features. Once you’re hooked, there’s no going back.

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many defaults apps from Samsung that fully utilise the brilliance of its S Pen. While perfectly functional, you owe it to yourself to download further apps to get the most out of your S$1500 investment. Whether you’re an artist, professional, student or avid scribbler-of-things, here’s a list to have your S Pen serve you better. Best of all, these apps are free. 

One Note

One Note opens up the Galaxy Note 8 to become the ultimate notetaker. Boot up your laptop during a meeting or lecture, couple it with the Galaxy Note 8 and you’re good to go.

You can type away as you do on your laptop, but when additional thoughts come to mind, like if you need to draw a quick graph or annotate on an image, whip out the S Pen and scribble it down on the synchronised One Note pad. With stable Wi-Fi, it appears immediately on your computer in perfect harmony.

It works a little like a super portable Wacom tablet, or you can ditch the laptop completely and just take notes on your phone. With a screen this big and versatile, it’ll serve you just fine for less complicated tasks. 


Squids make ink, hence the cute title.

You’re probably unimpressed, but hopefully you’ll find this app useful. It’s all about handwritten notes, but with a focus on PDF files that you can import over and annotate on. It should make providing informal feedback on your friends’ and colleagues’ work much easier.

As a notetaking app, this is the real deal.


It lets you select the kind of paper you prefer, from traditional foolscap spacing to the widely spaced pages you find on your primary school books. You even have grid sheets for graphs and, accounts, musical scores, sports court maps and lists of all sorts.

This is the dedicated notetaking app you were looking for. 


While nothing as full-fledged as Squid, this one earns its place for an outstanding writing experience. It’s all about the ink, which seem to pick up pressure and respond to it far better than any app we’ve come across – Even Samsung Notes (which is still good).

It doesn’t have the best UI nor features, but if all you’re doing is writing or signing stuff, this is a good app to have