6 of the weirdest smartphones money can buy

F1 mini

From the wacky technopolis of Shenzhen, China, we have the F1 mini, a contender for the world’s smallest phone. It has the shape and size of a toy car that looks like a Ferrari, but it also has a Porsche logo emblazoned on its top, clearly designed to give copyright lawyers a stroke.

The tiny little phone comes with an FM radio, Bluetooth as well as See You Again (forever known as the Paul Walker Song) built in as a ringtone — which clearly indicates that its designers probably pirated Fast & Furious 7 as well.   


Is this for real? NoPhone is the “smartphone” that brings that question to mind, as well as “why would anyone buy this?”

Undoubtedly a product thought up by a surrealist comedian; the Nophone is just that: it is not a phone. It’s a piece of plastic shaped like a smartphone, apparently meant to help people break free of their smartphone addictions.

Probably the ultimate sarcastic Christmas gift for that friend who’s constantly glued to their phone — it even has a selfie attachment.