6 of the weirdest smartphones money can buy

Pantone 107SH

In all aspects the Pantone is a fairly typical smartphone except for one glaring exception: it comes with a built-in, button-activated Geiger counter. In the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster, the nuclear fallout was, and probably still is a very real concern in Japan.

And out of those worries, the Pantone 107SH was created — by far the easiest way to tell if you’re accidentally stumbling into highly dangerous levels of radiation, apart from having your skin melt off your face.


Impractical but at the same time pretty cool looking, the Runcible calls itself “the circular anti-smartphone.” Combining the clamshell aesthetic of a pocket watch and the functionality of a smartphone, the Runcible is sure to have hipsters and Steampunk cosplayers fighting over it, should it ever hit our shelves.

Fancy a pocket watch that has 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 7MP camera? You can preorder one at its Indiegogo page. However, just remember, things with corners tend to be easier to hold on to...