6 of the weirdest smartphones money can buy

These six wacky devices will question the very definitions of “smart” and “phone”

Smartphones huh? Who needs em’ anyway? Well… pretty much everybody.

Smartphones have become humanity’s artificial organ, and there’s a smartphone for almost every need and every individual. Even the weird ones. You'll see what we mean...


Taking anthropomorphic personification to a whole new level is Sharp’s Robohon, the world’s first robot smartphone.

Apart from being a smartphone that is also a talking, moving and dancing robot, it also has a built-in projector and will cheer you up when you’re sad. Clearly, it's a cybernetic lifeform pulled straight out of the anime world.

Although we can't see why anyone would shell out thousands of dollars to carry a tiny robot companion around with them all the time, having a toy that is monitoring you all the time sounds a little bit creepy.  


Clearly, a tribute to the gigantic Motorola phones our Dads used to carry, the Motorona is a smartphone that will turn heads, as well as stomachs. There is no chance someone might miss this monster: its opulent golden sheen will ensure that it and its owner can be singled out from miles away.

It also comes with a 17,000mAh removable battery and a dual SIM card slot, physical keypad, flashlight and extendable antenna, which once again proves that China is the country that never asks why, only why not.