6 ways you made the Samsung Galaxy S6 4G+

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 4G+ is a complete redesign from its predecessor, and that’s a very good thing, because it’s one of the best smartphones we’ve ever seen.

What makes the phone even better is the fact that the overhaul was inspired by you.

Yes, it was you that Samsung built the Galaxy S6 4G+ for, making that shiny new device very much yours indeed. Here’s how:

1. New design

For years, critics’ main complaint about the Samsung Galaxy S series was that it was a fantastic smartphone… except it was made of plastic. Although people obviously didn’t mind, judging by how many of them were sold, they still longed for a premium-feeling device to go with the price. And that’s what they have now.

Completely reimagined from scratch, the Samsung Galaxy S6 4G+ sports a sculpted aluminium frame with specially-molded Corning Gorilla Glass 4. That makes it one of the sleekest, hardiest, and most beautiful phones today, and it feels great in the hand too.

The one-of-a-kind Samsung Galaxy S6 edge 4G+ takes things to a whole new level, perfectly showing off Samsung’s beautiful curved screen technology on both sides of the device.

3. Even better cameras

The camera is a huge reason why smartphones are such a big part of our daily lives now, allowing us to capture moments at our convenience. Better image quality is always high in demand, and the Samsung Galaxy S6 4G+ definitely delivers in that regard.

Both the phone’s front and rear cameras have gotten a bump in resolution - the front gets a 5MP selfie snapper while the rear is a pin-sharp 16MP - with aperture reaching f1.9. That translates to clearer, brighter images even in low light environments, with the phone’s auto mode taking care of all the technical aspects for you. There's even a pro mode for those who wish to tweak settings to their liking. 

Samsung’s even made an intuitive camera shortcut so you’ll never miss anything. Just press the home button twice, even when the screen is locked.

4. Less bloatware

Sometimes, smartphone users just don’t want free stuff, even if it's helpful. They’d much rather download an app if they want it, rather than have it pre-installed. Samsung listened to those complaints of bloatware, and scaled back on how many of their apps came with the phone out of the box. You can even uninstall almost anything you don’t want right from the app drawer, making housekeeping much easier.

5. Better fingerprint recognition

The old fingerprint scanner introduced on the Samsung Galaxy S5 wasn’t ideal, requiring you to swipe downwards on the scanner built into the home button. It was slightly awkward, since you had to be quite exact, and there were calls for Samsung to improve.

They answered admirably, with a new fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S6 4G+ that’s almost seamless, allowing you to just place your finger on the sensor to unlock your phone or sign in to certain services. A marked improvement in almost every way, it works in any position or angle too.

6. More accessories

Although the lack of accessories wasn’t a huge concern, Samsung went ahead and made more anyway, just for your added benefit. What’s more, they were designed in conjunction with the phone, so they definitely look better in a seamless way.

They’ve even thrown in wireless charging on the phone, so all you need is the new Wireless Charging Pad (S$98) for convenient charging. Just place the phone on the pad and it’ll take care of the rest.